On-site delegate management and reporting system

REGDESK is a flexible on-site registration system providing the following facilities at any event hosting from tens to thousands of delegates:

  • Badge printing from manned reception or automated kiosk.
  • Manual or non-intrusive fully automatic delegate tracking.
  • Local and cloud based reporting in real time.
  • Hotel room allocation.
  • Dining table allocation.
  • Optional delegate voting apps.
  • Optional real time sales lead data collection.

  • REGDESK PRO will import data from any event management system and provide a robust, stand-alone on-site solution for editing delegate details / arrangements, self-service or reception desk badge printing, delegate tracking, sales lead capture and even delegate voting. It is designed for speed and efficiency – hot keys used instead of mouse clicks, and all printer options will deliver a delegate badge within five seconds. The system is installed such that there is no reliance on a venue’s wireless, LAN or broadband infrastructure; however it can also be used if available, making reports and statistics available on the Web in real time, accessible from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

    During or after the event, all individually recorded changes to delegate details can be exported from the system to feed back into the event management system.


    Client software runs on each PC (one PC / tablet per reception station or self-service printing station). One additional PC recommended for local server software.

    If a broadband connection is available on an ad-hoc basis, REGDESK gateway software will connect the event to the Cloud where data will be accessible on any browser via a private web portal.

    Badge printing

    From manned reception desk - scan bar code on printed invitation or smart phone screen, or key in partial surname. Badge prints within 5 seconds.

    Self-service – via kiosk or PC + printer station; delegate scans invitation on printed badge or smart phone. Badge prints within 5 seconds.

    Sales lead tracking

    Participating exhibitors can set up bar coded enquiry forms prior to event.

    Delegate ID and interests scanned in seconds using smart phone or tablet. Information available to the exhibitor immediately – anytime, anywhere - via private web portal.

    Delegate voting

    Delegates with smart phones or tablets can download free app to vote on favourite exhibits events or sessions by scanning location based voting bar codes.

    Delegate tracking

    Batch – badges scanned at all required entrances and breakout rooms using bar code data collectors. Information uploaded at the end of every session or day.

    Wireless - badges scanned using any smart phone or tablet, data uploaded immediately (if wireless connection available) or batch stored and uploaded when wireless connection available.

    RFID – non-intrusive tracking using discrete overhead / side antennas at all entrances or zones required. Richer data set recorded, including dwell times in particular areas or sessions.


    Report registrations by date / hour / location / hostess.

    Report all edits to imported database – each edit on an individual line, date and time stamped with operator ID.

    Additional reports for badges printed / not printed, attendances by company, session attendances, sales enquiries, delegate voting, hotel allocations, dinner table plan and attendance. Reports available locally or via private web portal (subject to broadband availability at venue).