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Software developed and managed with ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO27000 and Cyber Essentials+ accreditations

EMBEDDED Store & Forward Data Collection Software

Lime-compitible Asset Tracking Solutions to capture, filter and forward asset movements to downstream enterprise systems.

eVantage UHF datasheet

eVantage BLE datasheet

eVantage GPS datasheet

One of the biggest drawbacks with modern enterprise software is its heavy reliance on keyboard data entry. That needs humans, and humans make mistakes or just don't enter data when they should. Up to date accurate data is essential, especially if you want to know where your assets are, what state they are in and how well they are being utilised. But busy staff will prioritise getting jobs done over keeping up with the administration. Without this regular basic data entry you can soon find that even with the best asset management software in the world installed your data becomes so out of date it's meaningless and assets go missing. Staff hoard them to be sure they have one available when they need it, assets requiring calibration or maintenance checks can't be found, more assets are bought in to cover the missing ones, suddenly costs have escalated and asset utilisation goes into steep decline. Typically you end up with 30% more assets than you need, many are in a state of disrepair, and hundreds of manhours are wasted at all staff levels trying to manage them. All because the system relies on manual keyboard entry.

What if you could automatically capture your asset movement data and feed it directly into your back-end systems in real time?

eVantage UHF from Codegate is a fixed UHF RFID read station that captures information from low cost tags fitted to assets as they pass by  eVantage filters out any interference and updates your back-end system in real time. It is used with our own asset tracking software, Lime.

No PC is required to power the read station and data can be sent to the remote server via a LAN, WiFi or 4G network connection, the station can even be powered by PoE making installation quick and simple.

eVantage continues to capture asset movement information even if the network connection is lost by storing data locally and forwarding as soon as the connection is restored.  If power to the unit is suddenly lost, any captured data is safe and will be forwarded once power resumes.

Stations are remotely monitored for status updates, upgrades & maintenance.

Suitable for dock doors, office doors, corridors & walkways, external roadways, barriers, gatehouses & many more applications.

With a selection of optional environmental enclosures and antennae, eVantage is suitable for tracking assets in most environments, inside and out.

If you want to track your assets over a large area with minimal infrastructure, eVantage Mobile is available to fit to the roof of a service vehicle.  With the addition of a mobile rugged PC, eVantage Mobile not only identifies your assets, but using it’s in built GPS tracking functionality, it will provide a precise location which could be used to plot assets on a map.

eVantage Mobile is used with Codegate's Lime Asset Inventory and Lime Asset Mapper software

Built using industry leading technology by leading British RFID experts.

We don’t want your RFID installation to be a technological headache, so we use the best hardware technology available in the industry and our RFID installation team will ensure that your eVantage system is setup and tuned to give you the maximum read range possible.

With remote support, we can even tune your readers remotely as well as ensuring that you benefit from the latest eVantage features, firmware updates and alerts.

eVantage has many different interfaces enabling it to communicate directly with most asset management systems.

eVantage integrates directly into Lime, our IoT platform that offers a highly configurable presentation layer, automated alerts, reminders, closure mechanisms and full audit trails automatically.  


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