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The NEW G1 Unmanned Store from Codegate automatically manages your assets on site.

Codegate have created the G1 Unmanned Store Smart Panel as a kit to build into most standard shipping containers, converting them into a fully automated Pop-Up Store.

Access to the container is controlled by a unique ID fob which can be programmed to operate the store in different languages and restrict access to specific stores.

Assets are fitted with a low cost RFID label which is read when the store carries out an inventory after every visit.

Users can pick up their required items and leave the store without having to manually scan anything.

Hayley Group Smart Vend Small.png

Real Time Visit Reports, Stock Updates and Alerts


A full store inventory is completed after every visit. 


Visit information is passed back to a cloud web portal in real time via either wi-fi or the mobile phone network.

Visit reports show time and date stamps, the fob used, items taken or returned along with pictures taken on the in built CCTV cameras.

If damaged rental items are returned to the store, they can be placed in a quarantine area to alert engineers to repair or swap the item out on the next visit.

Health & Safety alerts are sent to site managers by text or email in the event of safety alarms being triggered.  Audible & visual warnings show on the unit if a user is having problems and electronic locks are released to allow help to access the unit.

The unit will connect to a 110v or 240v power supply.  A battery back up keeps the unit running even in the event of a power failure.  The store will run quite happily connected to a small generator.

Visit Report.png

Supplied in a kit for simple installation

Units are supplied on a pallet in kit form and can be easily fitted to most shipping container within a few hours with very little training.  Panels are made from stainless steel to stop rust and are powder coated for extra protection leaving a surface that can easily be wrapped with your company branding.

Improved sustainability

The G1 Unmanned Store even tells you dynamically how much CO2 equivalent and commercial savings you are making compared with the same level of transactions using the nearest depot instead. It will also dynamically predict the total savings over the contract life of the store, adjusting the prediction every week according to the latest data.


GREEN PACK - Fully Autonomous power option

A combination of wind and solar energy harvesting components with super-rugged gel batteries means there is no need for any external power source with this store option. The fully autonomous G1 Unmanned Store can be placed anywhere where there is delivery access and the ground is level. It is capable of operating for over two weeks even if there is no wind or sun, making it tolerant of the harshest winters. In the opposite situation, smart circuits protect all store components where there is excess energy harvested from the wind or sun.

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Will a G1 Unmanned Store be suitable for your requirement?


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If you decide a G1 Unmanned Store isn't suitable for what you need then take a look at our Track & Trace section. We have many other ways to keep track of assets in harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors, using our Lime software.

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