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Software developed and managed with ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO27000 and Cyber Essentials+ accreditations



Printing appointment Cards direct from the appointment Module of the GP Clinical system saves considerable time and guarantees the accuracy.

ONE solution for ALL your labelling needs


Labeltrace was designed in partnership with the NHS and with an installed user base of over 4,000 GP Practices across the UK, Labeltrace is well established as the labelling system for healthcare clinicians for specimen tube and form labelling.

LabeltraceONE builds on this rich legacy and incorporates all your clinical labelling requirements into one system. With a simple click within the Patient Record - you can easily print labels for many purposes including: -

LabeltraceONE New Features

  • Label Designer enables users to design their own customised label templates.

  • Quick Label provides a quick and easy way to immediately print a label with any text typed.

  • Multiple Template Directories - offering the potential for different Users and/or Workstations to have tailored templates in addition to the shared directory.

  • Automatic Updates to ensure that Users can access the latest enhancements.Online template sharing - providing users an online area to browse, upload and download template designs.

  • Easy support ‘One click’ access to remote support and online help.

  • Fresh dynamic interface with a new crisp, easy and intuitive user experience.

  • ‘Under the hood’ improvements to ensure the best performance.


Compatible and approved for use with all principal GP Clinical systems including:

Labeltrace also supports and augments laboratory requesting systems such as:

ICE, tQUEST and Dart OCM.



  • Saves considerable time and improves efficiency, with individual or complete sets of labels printed.

  • Eliminates manual transcription and associated possibilities for error, thus ensuring that samples sent to the labs are labelled with correct demographic information.

  • A typical user can save up to 6 hours a week and the system can pay for itself in less than 7 weeks.

  • Professionally and accurately create labels for any requirement.


Pathology Specimen Sample & Form labelling

With the click of a button, LabeltraceONE generates labels for test request forms and/or specimen tubes. The label includes Patient NHS Number (plus barcode option), Surname, Forename, Date of Birth as well as any other information requested by the labs. The low-cost labels designed specifically for specimen tubes are printed in ‘real-time’ on a compact desktop label printer. When request forms and specimen samples are received at the labs, they are easier to process and can even be scanned, ensuring the requests are carried into the lab's system with the correct patient details.


Appointment Card Printing

Printing Appointment Cards direct from the Appointment Module of the GP Clinical System saves considerable time and guarantees the accuracy. Handwriting appointment cards at the front desk are time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Misinterpreted handwritten information on slips can also result in patients attending at the wrong time. The Appointment Card system prints clear, professional cards printed at the time the appointment is created.


Free Upgrade

Existing users with active support are eligible for a free upgrade via your direct Labeltrace support provider. Contact us or visit for more details



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