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Mobile Software for Lime, or an entry level inventory tracking solution…

Using a mobile is the only ‘manual’ part of the Lime solution. That’s because it has a valuable role to play tracking assets in areas not covered by fixed readers collecting data automatically. Regular stock checks in such ‘non-automated’ areas is essential to maintaining accurate ‘last seen’ asset location data.

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Lime’s mobile software is called Asset Inventory. It works on Android or iOS and in addition to generic smart phones is compatible with the following specialised handheld readers:

  • Zebra TC2000 and RFD 8500 passive UHF RFID sleds

  • Zebra MC3300R handhelds with integral passive UHF RFID reader

  • Nordic ID EXA 31 and EXA 51 sleds

  • Nordic ID HH53 and HH83 handhelds with integral passive UHF RFID reader

  • Any modern good specification generic smart phone can be used with Asset Inventory to capture data from BLE tags and NFC tags (HF RFID).

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Asset Inventory software doesn’t have to connect to Lime, it can be used stand-alone.

That makes it an ideal ‘starter’ kit for novices to ‘put a toe in the water’ and practically evaluate how effective an automated data collection system might be to a business – all for the cost of one ‘loaded’ handheld and a selection of tags. Users will see how quickly passive UHF RFID tags can be read, how missing items can be found using a Geiger counter style locator, how all reads are automatically date and time stamped, and even geo-located at the same time using GPS.

In stand-alone mode any number of assets can be tracked in any number of locations. A list of known assets can be imported prior to a stock check. Unknown assets can be ignored or automatically added to the database as new equipment. For each location Asset Inventory will show you what’s new and what still hasn’t been found. Once an inventory check is complete data can be ‘shared’ using any suitable Android or iOS options, or automatically sent to a remote FTP server.

You can also expand the starter kit with additional handhelds. Whilst there is no central database to synchronise to each handheld, Wi-Fi syncing can be used (Android only) to synchronise data between two or more handhelds. Multiple users can therefore collaborate in large inventory checks, with the resulting data amalgamating into one overall spreadsheet. 

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Use Lime Asset Mapper to track outdoor assets…

If you are using Asset Inventory to track outdoor assets like vehicles or plant, you can add on Lime Asset Mapper web software to provide users with a visual pin on a map for each asset being tracked. That makes them easier to find, saving hours looking for specific vehicles in a yard full of similar vehicles of the same make and colour.

Hovering over an asset’s pin will display more details. If the asset has not been ‘checked’ for a set time the pin will change colour to indicate it may be missing. Assets which have been shipped off site will automatically disappear after a set time, but will still be searchable in the database. Asset mapper can be viewed on any web browser, no limitation on the number of users who can be logged in.

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