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The next generation of Event Management Solutions

‘Expo’ by Codegate uses the latest systems and technologies to make your event run smoother and to provide that innovative and professional experience.


We make event registration, tracking your delegates, seating your diners and informing your exhibitors fast and simple for any size of event.


Your event information is updated in real time to the cloud so you have access to all of it via a simple portal anywhere on site.


'Expo' can manage your whole registration process via an On-line web portal or it can import information from your existing events management system and run as a stand-alone on-site solution.

Automated emails can be sent to delegates from the system with the latest event and registration information to ensure that they are fully up to date before they arrive at your event.

Plain or RFID enabled identification badges can be printed on demand in only a few seconds by scanning a bar coded invitation or mobile phone by an organiser or using an automated kiosk. 

There is no limit to the number of terminals or printers that can be used and no internet connection is necessary. Misplaced bar codes or incorrect details can be rectified quickly on site with automated warnings preventing ticket abuse.

Where there are periods of high demand for registration, Codegate Expo offers a queue busting solution allowing organisers to walk through any queue scanning invitations or mobile phones with a hand held scanner and the delegate's badges are printed off and encoded at a print station meaning they are available to collect straight away.

‘Expo’ manages additional VIP requirements, delegate hotel reservations and dinner places so all of the information is in one place and can be accessed remotely from the cloud on any device.

Live reporting allows organisers to view all information in a web portal from total registrations to badges awaiting collection, they can even manage multiple events.



RFID enabled badges allow organisers to track delegates in and out of your event and to know who has attended individual seminars and presentations throughout the day. If seminars have multiple speakers, a discreet podium scanner will pick up delegate names & job titles and pass them to your AV company to display on the big screen in real time avoiding confusion or incorrect spelling.

Delegate data updates the main cloud hosted application and presents information to the organisers via a simple web portal on both attendance to seminars and general information on exhibition attendance. Organisers can also be alerted if delegate numbers breach H&S limits in a specific area.


If you're looking for the more traditional approach of scanning delegates in and out of areas using 1D or 2D barcodes, with the added bonus of having a live reporting solution attached, then our Android Expo IO app may be the simple, flexible solution that you need.  It can be used with rugged scanners, mobile phones or tablets.

This video highlights some of the benefits.



Smart kiosks recognise delegates and welcome them by name, they include touch screens and provide information such as floor plans, social media feeds and advertising.

RFID badges automatically identify delegates so that they can use the kiosks for voting. Kiosks can be branded to match your event.



‘Expo’ offers a lead capture application for exhibitors. Organisers can enable an exhibitor to have access to delegate data through a mobile app. Exhibitors can set up their own lead capture forms in the web portal and download the ‘EXPO’ app from their app store to scan delegate badges when their stand is visited. Delegate data is then passed to the exhibitor along with any prompts that they have set up to capture specific information.


An automated email can be set up to thank the delegate for visiting the exhibitor and full information of all leads captured and a full reporting suite is available to the exhibitor from a simple web portal with the option to download reports.

Download our guide for more



‘Expo’ has a unique feature that enables you to manage your guests for any seated functions like award dinners or networking events. Table plans can be managed right up to the point that a function begins allowing for last minute changes.

With smart kiosks or large screens, positioned either side of the entrance, invitations or badges are automatically identified using RFID and the guest names are added to a scrolling list on screen along with their table number. Once the guest has moved away from the kiosk, their name is removed from the screen. Organisers can search information simply using a tablet for those guests who have forgotten their badge or invitation. This increases the speed of seating guests and removes any confusion.




Our voting modules allow delegates to vote for products, ideas and designs at individual Exhibitor booths or from Smart Kiosks around the venue. Confirmation emails are sent to the delegate to confirm any votes cast.


We also provide individual LIVE voting solutions for smart devices to be used in seminars, our systems will allow organisers to run multiple voting sessions at the same time and is used by a number of large juries including the British Film Institute & the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.


'Expo' provides real time reporting allowing you to see when delegates have arrived or left your event and importantly those delegates that have collected their badge but have not walked into the main areas.


You can see which seminars a delegate has attended, what leads have been captured and many more useful metrics Live throughout the event.



Take control of your stand bookings by creating your own interactive floor plan for exhibitors to view stand availability, pricing and 'click to book'.  A 'Visitor' view of the plan can be embedded into your event website so they can see up to date exhibitors as soon as they book!

Exhibitors have access to their own web portal where they can manage their stand staff registrations, read, download and upload related event documents as well as seeing reports on voting and lead capture.


Floor Plan 3.png

Take a look at some examples of Expo in action  

We have provided our Expo solution to a number of high profile events, find out how our customers are benefitting from it's high tech and simple to use rich features.



If you have an event coming up and would like to discuss 'Expo' or would like us to help you with adding some clever technology to your event then contact us, we would be happy to help.

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