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The world of automatic identification and data collection is growing rapidly in size and sophistication.

Many different technologies are emerging under the broad heading ‘Internet of Things’, but the choice is bewildering and finding the right approach to solve a specific business issue can be challenging. Check out our quickfire glossary of jargon to help you through the maze.

Codegate’s senior personnel have been involved with automatic data collection since before barcodes became widely adopted. That experience has been leveraged with newer, more automated technologies like passive UHF RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultra-wideband (UWB) and smart sensors. Our consultants can provide supplier-agnostic advice on which blend of technologies and software will offer the best and least risk long term return on investment for your business. Here is an overview the main technologies and what we offer. All these technologies are supported by Lime and can be blended into a comprehensive asset tracking solution:

A Solar BLE Tag

To help you get started here is a quick guide to the most widely used technologies, each distinct from the others in terms of approach, standardisation, maturity and capability.

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LuxBase Smart Picking Bins
The new LuxBase IoT system is capable of calculating and reporting the quantity of parts within any smart picking bin. The ability to do this eliminates the need for regular manual inventory checks or a twin bin storage system resulting in less time and resources spent and a reduced inventory required.

The LuxBase sensors are powered by a small highly-efficient solar cell that is capable of operating off of indoor lighting. The sensors can communicate with each other by sending readings over low power Bluetooth to low-cost receivers using WI-FI, LAN, and cellular. Data from hundreds of sensors within close proximity can be viewed using
our web-based monitoring software.

To view more about our LuxBase Smart Picking Bins please watch the video linked below.
LuxBase Smart Picking Bin (

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