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The Old Barn, Deanes Close, Steventon, Oxfordshire. OX13 6SZ, UK



Codegate are experts in delivering RFID Solutions.

RFID or Radio Frequency IDentification allows unique assets to be identified automatically, improving processes, efficiency and speed of identification.  Hundreds of unique tags can be read at the same time even in extremely hazardous environments. RFID connects physical assets with the digital world making it IoT friendly.

In the 1940’s RFID was introduced by the military to identify friendly aircraft from the enemy, each friendly aircraft could pass back its own unique identification.

RFID is now used in so many everyday applications without you even knowing, including:

  • Car Keys

  • Toll Tags

  • Door Access Cards

  • Passports

  • Credit & Payment Cards

  • Laptops & Tablets

  • Bluetooth devices

  • Mobile Phones

Speedy ePod®


We designed, built and integrated this 'mobile' on-site unmanned Hire Solution for Speedy Hire Plc. 

The solution provides immediate access to tools for hire to Speedy's customers 24 reducing transport & emissions.  Speedy now have nearly 50 of these units at locations right across the UK.

RFID comes in many different shapes and sizes, Codegate can help you to understand which is the best solution for your application and provide every aspect of your new RFID solution including:

  • RFID software

  • Middleware

  • Independent advice on choices of tag antennas and readers

  • Hardware procurement

  • Helpdesk support and maintenance

We have partnerships with all major RFID manufacturers. We can also demonstrate different RFID technologies in action at our premises in Oxfordshire, UK.

British Car Auctions

We designed a solution for BCA to enable them to track and trace their vehicles throughout their network.  

The solution includes gate readers and a mobile unit that fits onto the roof of a vehicle to stock check the vehicles.

Codegate have been delivering successful RFID solutions for many years in many industries including Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Events improving safety, reducing costs and increasing throughput.


Tag technology is developing at a remarkable rate and we are always testing the latest tags to see how they perform in different environments.  We work with different types of passive tags (battery free) as well as battery assisted and active tags, some of which can be self-powered using energy harvesting cells.

Here are a few more examples of our RFID Installations

Helping GSK to avoid production line shutdown

Discreet, Automatic, RFID Delegate Attendance

GIST RFID Trailer Tracking

NFC Leisure Activity Gaming Arenas

Dangerous Goods Conveyor

BAE Tool Tracking

Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue

Automotive Test Equipment Tracking

Codegate are RFID agnostic and deliver solutions using the most suitable technology for your application including:

A Solar BLE Tag

  • NFC, LF, HF & UHF RFID (Passive and Active)

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

  • UWB (Ultra Wideband)

  • LoRa & Sigfox LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks)

  • NB-IoT (Narrow Band)

  • GPRS & LTE (Mobile Phone Networks)

  • WiFi

Some tags also include sensors which will pass back additional information as well as the asset ID, for example: Temperature, Sudden Movement, Light and Vibration.

Real Time Location Solutions

This solution enables us to track a passive (battery free) RFID tag in real time and show it on a map, inside and outside!

This can be integrated directly into our Asset Management Solutions

We design our RFID solutions in a way that as new technologies become available, they are easily incorporated without having to completely rebuild your application meaning that you have the comfort of knowing that your implementation is future proof.

NFC Wristband & LED Reader

This LED Codegate reader can be programmed to allow a tag to be read and allowed entry multiple times or restricted to just a single entry to stop abuse of bands.

Take a look at how our ‘off the shelf’ product ‘Lime’ will help you manage your IoT and RFID requirements.  Our eVantage read station can filter data and send it straight to your back end system without the need for a P.C.

RFID Starter Kits

If you are new to RFID and would like to be able to programme and read tags to understand the benefits of RFID then why not take a look at our starter kits.