Help safeguard your staff from threats.

SAFE (or Send Alert for Emergency) is a PC based alarm system. It enables a user to request immediate assistance from nearby colleagues by sending an alert message across the network to a local group of PCs.

All participating users have a SAFE software button installed on their PC screen. Simply double-click to activate it, or alternatively hit a designated hot key or press an externally connected panic button. Once triggered, nearby colleagues will receive an alert on their PC allowing them to come to assistance in seconds.

A full User Licence covers up to 100 users on a single network and includes telephone support and maintenance.

How it works

Always available

The SAFE Button sits on your PC screen on top of all other applications and is readily accessible at all times. The button can be easily moved to any part of your screen by holding down and dragging.

Local groups

SAFE Button users can also be assigned to Groups or Zones. This is useful if the users on your network are located on several floors or in branch locations and alerts can be sent to only summon users in your vicinity. There is also an option to enable a sound alert on each PC as well as the visual alert message pop-up on the screen.

Send for assistance

If you need to summon assistance you send an alert to all users assigned to your group of zone by simply double clicking on the Green SAFE Button. The button will turn Red as the alert message is immediately transmitted to other PC users. This will always appear on top of any running applications.

Choice of activations

There are three separate ways of triggering a panic alarm: Double click the on-screen panic button, hit a designated function key, or press an externally connected alarm button.

Incident logging

A log is kept of all incidents, recording the exact date, time and location to assist with any further enquiries that may be required.

Easy to Install

SAFE consists of two software components, Master and User Client.

The Master software can be installed on any networked pc. The application requires so little resource it will not adversely affect performance of even the most basic PC.

The SAFE button user client software must be installed on every 'front line' PC where there may be a perceived potential threat. It uses very little resource and will not affect PC performance.

The first time it runs the user is prompted to enter a Room Name and the IP address of the computer on which the master software is installed. No further set-up is required, but by right clicking the icon to access a settings menu, rooms can be allocated to groups and audible alerts can be switched on or off.

The SAFE Master software manages alerts sent across the network from the SAFE Panic Buttons and keeps a log of all incidents.

This information can simply be changed by the user through a settings option.

External panic button

You can connect an external panic button to any free USB port on your PC. No software or set-up is required. Further distances can be achieved using standard USB extension cables. One press will activate the software, a second press will cancel the alert.