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Bespoke solutions for your business 

Thousands of field workers rely on our bespoke solutions every day

We build our applications from a set of software modules called 'Catalyst'. Highly configurable, tried and tested building blocks that can be assembled quickly into solutions directly matching each client's needs. Sitting in between 'off the shelf' software and 'fully bespoke' this approach delivers the best overall value.


Our applications are truly mobile and not just forms that appear in a browser, meaning that performance remains constant and data is not lost when communication with the mobile device is interrupted. We write for Windows, Android and iOS platforms so there's a huge range of hardware choose from.

Asset tracking leads to better asset utilisation

Knowing where your assets are being used and how much allows informed decisions to be made on how equipment can be better utilised. As a result, imagine removing 30% of these assets without any loss of availability, and then reducing re-purchases by the same amount. Better utilisation can lead to big savings.


Our solutions are tracking thousands of assets every day. Core software modules collect data quickly using barcodes, RFID and BLE, relaying information to central servers via mobile computers or fixed readers. 

Asset tracking applications usually require a high level of integration in order to share data efficiently with downstream enterprise systems. We develops our own 'gateways' and 'middleware' to exchange information with third-party systems.

Hardware and Support

We partner with the leading manufacturers to supply Mobile data collection hardware, accessories and associated maintenance.  Where bespoke hardware is required, we work with a great team of electronics and manufacturing partners to develop exactly the right solution for your requirements. As a customer, you benefit by having one support contract covering all parts of your solution.

Case Studies for Bespoke Solutions

Codegate is well known for it's industry transforming mobile applications and process automation.  Read more about some of our recent bespoke solutions and see how they have helped businesses to become more efficient and offer a better service to their customers.


If you would like to transform your business with an innovative solution and wish to discuss your requirements, then contact us and we would be happy to help.

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