Asset tracking software designed to help you monitor and utilise your assets better.Asset tracking software designed to help you monitor and utilise your assets better.

Lime software is the result of years of experience helping big companies improve their asset management. It is built to work with the latest automatic data collection technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and passive UHF RFID, meaning assets can be tracked in real time without the need for human intervention.


Lime helps businesses know at the touch of a button what assets they have, where they are, what state they are in, and where they have been. It will show how well they are being utilised, and inform better asset purchasing decisions.

Lime’s user screens are web based, so can be accessed 24/7 from all popular browsers. It’s possible to integrate with downstream asset management systems using a flexible built-in ‘api’ software interface.

Lime will scale to any number of assets and is priced according to the number of active assets in the system.


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