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Asset tracking software designed to help you monitor and utilise your assets better. Our powerful cloud-based engine that presents in real time in real world. Work better, safer and more cost effectively with Lime.

 Free up capital with better asset utilisation
Like many businesses, you can soon accumulate a lot of equipment. It could be tools both big and small, specialist machines, various items of IT equipment such as laptops and printers and large items such as generators and diggers, for example.


These are assets that represent significant investment but to many employees, it can be considered simply as 'stuff'.

Keeping track of these assets can be a big task....and because it’s just “stuff”, employees don’t say anything.


Sound familiar?

Yet as some of these assets become redundant, misplaced, broken or noncompliant, they may not be in use or may need attention. It could mean you are wasting money on equipment that you either aren't using or simply don't need.


This can result in poor utilisation which goes unreported, meaning you invest in buying or renting equipment you already have, or have capital tied up in assets you don’t need. So how do you keep a check on all this?

What if there was a system that monitored and digested all this information and just told you about assets that needed action? That kept things simple, safe, up to date and showed you where you could SAVE or recoup the money?


Codegate Lime is asset tracking software designed to help companies monitor and utilise their assets better. Using an optional presentation layer it can be used stand alone or as middleware, connecting real world assets to downstream enterprise systems. Lime tags assets, which can tell you where the asset is when it’s being used if it’s damaged and even if the environment it’s being kept in is suitable. This information is collated via the Internet of Things - all automatically, no human required!


Our powerful cloud-based engine then presents it in simple, intuitive ways relative to the decisions that need to be made. Automated alerts, reminders, closure mechanisms and full-audit-trails ensure effort is only spent where it’s required.


Managing your assets better is no longer a nightmare. Work better, safer and more cost effectively with Lime.



Do you have concerns about buying a proprietary software solution? As a consequence, having to continually pay extra for custom changes and reports? Most people do, so Lime is designed from the ground up to be open to modification by users themselves; no specialist programming skills necessary. Rules and processes can be changed on the fly, and new reports created in minutes. Furthermore, Lime is designed with integration in mind, making it easier to share data with other applications and clients. It is the ‘middleware’ between real world assets and digital world enterprise systems.


The Internet of Things is revolutionising the way we collect and share data, using electronics to collect information automatically, accurately and non-intrusively. The pace of change is accelerating with a bewildering array of new gadgets, platforms or protocols appearing almost daily. It’s easy to have concerns over backing the wrong horse and investing in a new technology that’s here today but gone tomorrow. Lime helps you mitigate those concerns because it was designed from the start with the IoT in mind. It uses ‘gateways’ to integrate with devices and platforms. These can be developed quickly as new products emerge - without having to change the core solution. Lime, therefore, isn’t restricted to any particular technology, chip set, radio protocol or platform. It can quickly evolve to cover any new developments, subject to customer demand. As tags become more sophisticated reporting, not just ID, but for example location, temperature, tilt, acceleration and usage, Lime software can be changed to accommodate - and act on - the new information.


Is your company bound by legislation or service level agreements to keep accurate records of your assets? Where they are, when they were last maintained, full usage history, full-service history and even details of decommissioning and disposal? Lime can collect and maintain the right level of detail in a digital format without the keying errors associated with intensive manual data entry into an enterprise system. What’s more, with the right integration it can share data with third party systems, maintaining one point of truth and avoiding the need for duplicate data entry. Lime will tell you who or what initiated any change to the data and when, and can even send alerts of critical changes in real time.


Lime has a built in metering system which automatically records multiple parameters of database usage. It can, therefore, be charged very flexible – in a way that best suits the way your business works. From detailed monthly data usage plans to a simple all-in annual fee we will agree on a scheme that offers you the best value for the way you work.


Lime is entirely developed by Codegate using our own developers in the UK. With a long history of application development and system integration, Codegate can deliver new sensor integration and downstream enterprise system integration speedily and reliably.



For a real-time example, click on our movie below



 Lime is middleware with an optional presentation layer which is highly configurable by its users. It converts real world activity into digital information which can be logged, acted upon and accessed by downstream enterprise systems.


Manual initiations can be fed from workers carrying out regular daily tasks. For example, drivers carrying out a routine vehicle check at the start of the day, or engineers using a mobile app to record test results and work carried out on field equipment.


Lime is ‘data collection technology agnostic’ meaning all popular auto-id technologies are supported, including barcodes and RFID. It is also ‘comms agnostic’, capable of receiving data from a variety of protocols, such as WiFi, BLE, UWB, Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, GPRS, LTE and Satellite. Each type connects to Lime through a unique internet gateway. These can be developed and changed quickly so that new tag / sensor technologies can be incorporated as soon as there is a requirement.













Lime can be set up to automatically act on any new data received through a gateway. It does this using ‘Process Initiated Processes’ or PIPs which can be specific to individual assets or groups of assets. If, for example an asset monitored temperature increased above a set level a PIP could be triggered to notify a user group to enable them to take corrective action. Lime also uses system generated triggers to initiate PIPs, for example at set times or dates, ensuring equipment is maintained in accordance with set dates and usage criteria.


Pips are developed using an industry standard visual programming editor that does not require specific developer skills. Multiple PIPs can be developed for a single asset, and a single PIP can be applied to multiple assets. There is no limit to the number of PIPs users can develop for their system.


PIPs can generate notifications, which can be sent to individuals or groups. They can take the form of SMS messages, email, web portal updates and even toasts. They need only be sent when critical intervention is required, ensuring users to not get bombarded with information that does not require action.


Dashboards can be customised to groups and individuals, delivering relevant at-a glance key information instead of having to sift through reports of ‘normal data’ requiring no action. Lime uses an industry standard report generating tool, which allows users to create any number of custom views suitable for different individuals or groups.


Lime is built on industry standard SQL, so it’s relatively easy to provide integration with third party systems. 

RFID solutions taking asset identification to the next level  

Codegate can assist with the provision of every aspect of a RFID solution, including RFID software, middleware, independent advice on choices of tag antennas and readers, hardware procurement, helpdesk support, and maintenance.

See what we are doing to apply

Lime to our client's businesses  

We have a range of well know clients currently piloting and using Lime to aid their everyday business. In this area, you can gain an understanding how Lime is applied to many different industries.