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Help Keep Your Workplace SAFE

Violent incidents within GP practices have nearly doubled over the past 5 years. During 2017-18 there were 568 cases of violence within GP surgeries recorded by the police, this rose to 791 cases reported during 2020-21, then further increased to 1068 cases reported across 2021-22 (1). Our SAFE (Send Alert For Emergency) software is targeted towards GP surgeries alongside other businesses and can be used to help keep your workplace secure.

Through SAFE you can report an incident as and when it happens alerting all other users of the incident and where it is occurring. The software works through triggering a button on your PC screen that sends an alert to all other SAFE users within your network. The alerts are sent quickly with the option to request assistance and the option to only send alerts to those nearby or specific pre-determined groups of your choosing. SAFE can easily be installed onto any PC within your workplace and can be triggered in multiple ways depending on what is most convenient for you. These can be either a button on your screen which can be double clicked to trigger the alert, a designated hotkey/command on your keyboard, or a physical button that can be placed on your desk next to your PC. Once the alert for assistance has been accepted by another user, a follow-up message will be sent stating that a user has accepted the request for assistance.

Our SAFE Panic Button software is not limited to GP surgeries, it can apply to any environment where there is a risk of public confrontation. Codegate has ISO 9000, 14000, 27000 and Cyber Essentials+ accreditations and SAFE is already deployed to over 6,000 daily users, ensuring our software is resilient and robust. A full user license will cover up to 100 users for a single network/location, telephone support and maintenance included.

If you are interested in starting a no obligation 14 day free trial for SAFE then please visit the website or feel free to contact us.


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