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G1 Unmanned Store - Currently On Hire Page

We are pleased to announce the latest update for the G1 Unmanned Store web portal, a dynamic new dashboard page showing a list of all assets that are currently on-hire out of the store. The currently-on-hire page provides a real-time updating list of assets that have been hired out of the store, alongside the user which hired them, and the time elapsed since the item was hired. After a designated period of time the asset has been out of the store an alert will flag up on the page. The default for these is an amber alert after 10 hours indicating that the item should be returned swiftly, followed by a red alert when the asset has been on hire for 12 hours. The time for these alerts can be altered depending on the requirements and work patterns of your specific store. Once the item has been returned to the store it will be removed from the currently-on-hire page as the item has been seen by the in-store reader, however if an item cannot be returned, for example if it has been broken or the tag has been lost, then the item can instead just be deleted from the page.

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