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Codegate - Carbon Reduction

Here at Codegate we are focusing on reducing our carbon emissions as a part of the UK's collective response. With this aim in mind we have outlined our Carbon Reduction plan setting out a timeframe and list of goals for how we plan to reduce our carbon emissions over the next 50 years. As a supplier to the NHS, our plan includes the target of reaching an 80% decrease in emissions by the year 2038 and a complete net zero carbon usage by the year 2045. These targets are also aligned with the 1.5 degrees warming scenario, and the UK's commitment to net zero by the year 2050.

To formulate this plan our 2023 calendar year has been used to generate a set of key areas for us to focus on and reduce our carbon emissions. These areas include upstream transportation and distribution, waste generated in operations, business travel, employee commuting, and downstream transportation and distribution. To combat some of these areas we have already implemented some emission reduction measures, such as supporting large portions of our staff to switch over to driving electric vehicles, as well as outfitting our office with LED lighting to reduce our energy usage. Another means for reducing carbon emissions is the option we offer within the G1 Unmanned Store to benefit from solar and wind energy, with the ability to view the carbon and financial savings through our G1 web portal.

Over the next few years we expect to see a steady reduction in our carbon emissions through methods such as switching to a renewable energy tariff and implementing changes where this energy is utilised more efficiently. If you wish to contact us further regarding this information, or if you have any other queries then please use the contact information below, or if you wish to subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications of future blog posts then complete the form below.


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