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British Film Institute rely on Regdesk for 10 years.

For nearly 10 years in a row, the British Film Institute have relied on Codegate's Regdesk to print badges for professional delegates at the London Film Festival and BFI Flare, the London LGBTQ+ Film Festival.

Regdesk is used to pre-print Plastic Badges to collect at the event.  For additional security, the badges incorporate a full colour photograph of the delegate and a bar code

Badges authorise Industry, Press and Film makers to access Non-public areas, Press & Industry Screenings, Network Events and Industry Events & Panels.​

Delegate Badge Barcodes are scanned at screenings using Codegate's Expo I/O mobile Android app to authorise entry  and to report on the demographics of those watching the films.

Codegate are proud to continue to support BFI with their Registration and event solutions.


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