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WISER RTLS - Lime Improved Integration

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

WISER SYSTEMS is a company that specializes in real time location and tracking services. Recently, they have developed a new UWB real-time mesh and location tracking system named ATLAS. This new innovative technology is highly precise with the ability to work in areas with high amounts of metallic presence and without the need for line of sight.

Codegate has been working on integrating Lime within this software to allow our users the benefit of sub-metre precision on assets deployed. We have expanded our integration with WISER SYSTEMS ATLAS real time location system using our Lime software to incorporate for the real time tracking capabilities that are capable with the new software. Thanks to this incorporation users can continue to use our Lime mobile app Asset Inventory for locating specific items now with more capabilities and use-cases applicable.


Ultra wideband is a system that acts in a similar way to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with its primary use being for transferring data for various types of communication. It is a technology which has been around for many years now dating as far back as the first man-made radio. The technology has evolved massively since then to the point where now we can use it for precise location measurement and distance management in real-time. WISER have used their UWB technology to work with many different industries such as Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive and more with many of these industries being on the forefront for Industry 4.0.


ATLAS is the new software that has been developed by WISER SYSTEMS that allows its users to precisely locate and track thousands of tagged items all within real time. This allows for an automated inventory that can provide immediate visibility of all tagged items and key assets. These assets can be tracked for years at a time thanks to the fact that the system has low power requirements. One of the key selling points for ATLAS is that it can function and operate within densely packed metallic areas without the need for line of sight, achieving all of this without having to sacrifice precision and without the need for masses of infrastructure. Therefore, making it perfect for many scenarios involving heavy machinery and storage facilities with high amounts of metal used. This also eliminates the need for manual scanning significantly lowering on the time required to locate and track each asset. The minimal infrastructure required pairs well with the ease of set-up and the ease of use due to the plug-and-play deployment and auto-calibration that comes with the ATLAS system. The ease of use comes from being able to use the WISER tracker mobile/desktop app and ATLAS's mesh network. Using these software's the users can view all of the tagged items as they move around the facility all within real-time. ATLAS works very well towards Industry 4.0 with its usability being applicable to smart manufacturing, auto-inventory management, increasing operations efficiency, supply chains, logistics, and many more. The state of the art technology uses a lower number of antennas compared to other systems with far less maintenance required. The tags used for the ATLAS system have a power saving sleep mode that can dramatically extend the tags battery lifetime and has the option for laser engravement for permanent identification. If you wish to further inquire into the ATLAS system please follow the link below to take you directly to their website.


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