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TAG Active, the latest Play Revolution

Tag Active is an arena based game from Play Revolution designed to test strategy, speed, agility, awareness and bravery. TAG active promotes fitness, fun and competition.

The Arena itself contains a complicated structure of inter-connected activity areas. Each area contains challenges that require a mixture of physical and mental agility. The arena is split into separated zones, permitting enhanced player distribution and capacity management.

Hidden throughout the arena and within the activities are a large number of LED RFID readers (Designed by Codegate) called TAG's.

The TAG’s are controlled via a Codegate computer system and glow in different colours corresponding to a pre-determined points system. Points are collected by players wearing an RFID wristband. When a wristband is located onto a TAG’s light source, a point’s value is allocated to the specific player’s wristband. As the player identifies and reaches more TAG’s the players score escalates.

The first installation in East Kilbride uses 129 TAG's (RFID Readers), handles 120 players per hour and is run by only 4 staff.


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