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SAFE Panic Button Updates

Updated: Mar 22

SAFE (Send Alert For Emergency) is our easy to install panic button system for PC's. It allows users to send an emergency message to other machines on the same network, raising the alarm for immediate assistance. SAFE works as a button placed on screen wherever the user chooses that once clicked activates the alert to all other PC's using SAFE. The button can be activated by either double clicking on it, a designated hot key or command, or an externally connected panic button. Once activated, the alert sent to all other local users details where the alert has been raised from and who has raised it. A full user license covers up to 100 users for a single organisations network/physical location. The user license also includes telephone support and maintenance.

One of the main areas that we aim to deploy SAFE is within healthcare clinicians. Due to this a new updated version of SAFE that provides greater security for users is being released. The new update also includes the following features: user SAFE alert acknowledgements, SAFE button customisation, sound alert testing, and the ability for multiple network selection modes, internet or local.

If you are interested in starting a 14-day free trial with no obligations to extend then please visit the website or if you have any further questions regarding SAFE then please feel free to contact us.


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