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VTrace User Friendly Update

Updated: Apr 5

Codegate's VTrace visitor and staff attendance software helps businesses keep track of the most important assets of all – people. It is a low cost, GDPR compliant, PC based visitor recording system that's easy to install and simple to use, directly replacing outdated non-GDPR compliant multi-part visitor books. It supports any number of building entrances, staff members and visitors, instantly providing a list of everyone on site in the event of an emergency.

VTrace has been updated to make it even easier for visitors to get help and sign in on arrival. It already has a 'kiosk mode' for unmanned receptions, but now there's a new option to talk to a real person at the touch of a button.

In the scenario pictured below, Susan arrives at entrance 2. It is unmanned but she sees the VTrace touch screen and chooses the 'talk to a real person' option. Every PC in the office running VTrace client will pop up a notification which any staff member can click on to respond. Martin answers first and all other PCs are notified that Martin has responded. He can now hold a two way video conversation with Susan, asking her to sign in whilst he notifies her host she's arrived.

VTrace will therefore enhance any unmanned visitor reception with a prompt friendly welcome in the form of a real staff member interaction, whilst adding a GDPR compliant record to the list of everyone in the building. In the event of an emergency the list of on-site personnel can be accessed from any smart phone with the appropriate login credentials.

VTrace respondents to a 'talk to a real person' video call don't even need to be on-site. Home workers with an appropriate internet connection can also respond and notify the host accordingly.

FREE TRIAL - you can download VTrace and try it for 14 days without any obligation. For more details please visit


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