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LuxBase Smart Picking Bins

Updated: Mar 5

LuxBase IoT system is capable of automatically reporting the quantity of parts in any smart picking bins. The ability to do this eliminates the need for regular manual inventory checking or twin bin storage resulting in less time spent and a reduced inventory required.

The LuxBase sensor can be used alongside most standard picking bins. It is powered by a small highly-efficient solar cell that is capable of operating off of indoor lighting and sending readings over a low power Bluetooth to low cost receivers that can communicate over LAN, Wi-Fi, and Cellular. The system is capable of collecting/receiving readings from hundreds of sensors within close proximity, then relaying the data back to web-based monitoring software.

The LuxBase system is also capable of recording the readings for the ambient lighting and temperature for each bin so that the maximum and minimum of the bins can be set according to the contents of them. Each sensor sends one transmission every few minutes all day long provided that the sensors are receiving an ambient light level of at least 200 Lux.

To configure each sensor a mobile application is provided and used in accordance to the contents of each associated bin. The sensors can be placed anywhere provided they have access to a light source with which they will need no external power source.

Over the air configuration
Over the air configuration

LuxBase smart picking bins removes the need for manual inventory checks creating a less time consuming, fully automated system for managing the inventory of consumable parts that is capable of operating at a greater degree of accuracy. If you have any further questions relating to the LuxBase system please feel free to contact us for more information.


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