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Callum and Jamie receive a special half-term delivery.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Codegate recently heard about Callum Miller through our work with 3D printing. Callum is the proud dad of Jamie who learned all about 3D printing so he could make an arm for his son Jamie who was born without a left hand. That’s pretty cool parenting.

Before Christmas 2017 Callum had approached Team Unlimbited for a 3D printed UnLimbited Arm, but being as busy as they were, they were then informed of an 18 month waiting list. Thats when their journey together started, looking into 3D printers etc and which one to buy to be able to "print their own", they watched YouTube video's on how these printers worked and took the plunge before Christmas and bought an Anet A8 printer which they constructed themselves. A few weeks later, Jamie's first 3d arm was produced and for the first time Jamie managed to hold Callums hand, hold a torch and even play catch with a ball, priceless really.

A fully developed arm currently costs around £10,000 + and even Jamie himself thinks this is too much. With current technology etc, buying their own sensors, electrics and motors Callum feels these can be developed on a budget.

Codegate learned that Callum has since made arms for 8 other children. These arms not only take a huge amount of time to print and build, but they also use a lot of filament which isn’t cheap. However, Callum’s only ever “fee” is a bar of chocolate and to see the child pick up something for the first ever time. That’s just amazing!

So Codegate made sure Jamie got a cool half-term surprise by sending him a bumper box of filament including some awesome sparkly pearl blue and some flexible filament so he and his dad can experiment more with printing better finger tips.

Jamie sent us this little video to show us his new delivery.

If you would like to find out more about Jamie and Callum and how you can help, please visit their site:

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