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Zebra Label Printer Power Supply, Voluntary Recall.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Please see below a voluntary product recall notice from Zebra.

May 2018

To: Zebra Customers,

The Zebra Power Supply Unit (PSU) recall has been expanded and additional action is required on your part.

A voluntary PSU recall was initiated and communicated by Zebra in December 2016. Since that time, additional reports of thermal events ranging from melted connectors to self-contained fires were received on model numbers and date ranges beyond what was communicated within the original PSU recall parameters. Out of an abundance of caution, Zebra is expanding the recall scope to include all similarly manufactured PSUs over a longer period.

The recall period is expanded to include PSUs manufactured by the FSP Group between 1 October 2006 and 31 December 2012. This date range is both earlier and later than the original recall dates and applies to PSUs associated with all printer models shown below. These PSU’s were sold as after-market kits or included with the sale of Zebra printers. Some printer models in this expansion were not included in the original recall notice.

Once identified, Zebra will promptly replace the PSUs at no cost to customers – this includes both the costs of the replacement PSU and any associated shipping. The process to fulfil the PSU replacements will be managed by Zebra and/or a third-party logistics company to minimize any disruption to your operations.

Items in bold below indicate the newly added printer models associated with this recall. Previously checked inventory should be re-checked against the expanded recall period and printer models.

  • GC420D/T

  • G-Series (GK420D/T, GX420D/T, GX430D/T)

  • GK888D/T

  • GT Series (GT800, GT810, GT820, GT830)

  • HC100

  • LP/TLP Series (2724, 2824, 2824Z, 2824 Plus, 2844, 2844Z, 3742, 3842, 3844Z)

  • P1XX Series (P100, P110, P120)

  • R2844Z

  • R402

  • ZP455

  • ZXP3

After independent testing, it has been confirmed that the issue is NOT associated with the actual Zebra-manufactured printer or AC power cord. We are also confident this expansion now covers all potentially impacted PSUs.

Actions you must take NOW to ensure the safety of users: -

Refer to Zebra for additional information:

Quality, both in product and customer care, is a top priority for Zebra, and we are committed to protecting the safety of our customers.


Mike Millman

Senior Vice President, Printer Specialty Group

Zebra Technologies

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