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Codegate Speeds up Registration at Speedy Expo 2017

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of tools, equipment and plant hire services, is celebrating the success of its biggest ever annual Expo event held in Liverpool.

The largest private hire show in the UK, the Expo welcomed over 1,500 delegates including Speedy employees, customers and key suppliers from companies such as Skyjack, Pramac, Hilti and JCB.

The two-day event brought the industry together to showcase product innovations, health and safety initiatives, share knowledge and network.

130 of Speedy’s key suppliers were on stand to display their latest innovative products and improve delegate’s product knowledge, while gaining a better understanding of Speedy’s customer’s needs and current market dynamics.

Codegate's Expo solutions were used once again at this years event providing registration, badge printing, RFID delegate tracking and hotel & dining management.

This year Codegate added it's queue busting solution to the event meaning at peak registration times hundreds of RFID badges could be printed in minutes. Two organisers walked along the registration queue and scanned the bar codes on delegate invitations and their badges were immediately printed at a separate kiosk. This meant that no delegates were kept waiting and everybody made it into the conference on time.

The Expo featured a Star Product initiative, where delegates cast their votes for their favourite products on show via Codegate's exhibitor app and interactive kiosks located around the venue.

The Expo also featured a Supplier Awards gala dinner, attended by many of Speedy’s key customers and suppliers. Codegate provided RFID kiosks at the entrance to the dinner to confirm where guests were seated.

Codegate Expo has provided Speedy with accurate reporting of delegate attendance and who attended which seminar sessions without the organisers having to stop and scan delegate passes as they entered or left sessions. As experts in mobile and RFID tracking solutions, Codegate were the perfect partner to ensure that Speedy Expo 2017 went smoothly.

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