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Shoot for the stars

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Without Space travel we wouldn't have some of the technologies that we enjoy in our every day lives, including:

  • Artificial Limbs

  • Athletic Shoes

  • Portable Computer and Mouse

  • Camera Phones and Wireless Headsets

  • Scratch Resistant Optical Lenses

  • Water Purification Systems

  • LED's

  • Home Insulation

  • CAT Scans

  • Ear Thermometers


These technologies have shaped the way that we live today and some of them have enabled Codegate to deliver some ground breaking automated and mobile solutions to transform businesses in many different industries.

The Real Martian The Story of a NASA Engineer

Codegate, along with our friends at COMIT and Oxford Brookes University are hosting Dr. Ravi Margasahayam, NASA's international expert and lead scientist on Rocket Launch-induced Noise & Vibration Technology for a unique presentation to the next generation of enthusiastic engineers at Oxford Brookes University.

Dr. Ravi Margasahayam presents a thought provoking and hilarious look at how a wannabe pilot from India faced many challenges to end up working on many space shuttles, launching over 500 astronauts into Space and the International Space Station.

This lecture is FREE to attend Monday 18th September 2017 2pm - 4pm Oxford Brookes University

If you are a new engineer or are interested in a career in engineering and would like to find out more about this event, please email


If Space has no limits, then why should the human mind?"

Dr. Ravi Margasahayam, M.S., M.B.A.

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