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Quicktrace Ltd and Codegate Ltd joint announcement - LabelTrace

On the 1st February 2017, the business activities of Quicktrace Ltd based in Edinburgh, Scotland and Codegate Ltd. based in Steventon, England have merged. Moving forward Codegate Ltd. will now be responsible for the provision of products and services for the LabelTrace and Flexatrace systems across the U.K.

Codegate Ltd. have successfully supplied and supported LabelTrace and Flexatrace including labels, installation and support for over 10 years in England and Wales to in excess of 3,000 GP Practices. This will now be extended to include Scotland and Northern Ireland practices and also includes the LabelTrace for Sage and QTPrintX products previously supplied by Quicktrace Ltd.

Despite the change, all existing pricing and maintenance agreements for UK customers will be honoured without disruption in order to ensure total continuity for the many thousands LabelTrace, Flexatrace and Sage users.

Look out for exciting new LabelTrace updates over the next few months as label printing functionality is expanded to improve the efficiency of busy general practices all over the UK.

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