The Small But Mighty Mobile Tool That Does It All


It may be compact, but the Zebra M60, formerly manufactured by Xplore Technologies, will make a big impact on your business performance and bottom line. This high-performance Android™ mobile device is great for workers who need fast data access while on the move. This large-screen handheld computer will especially shine under bright sunlight, and it will work hard all (work) day long. In other words, the M60 is one handheld device that can give every worker around the world an equal, around-the-clock view of what’s happening across every line of business.

Zebra MC60 Rugged Handheld Computer

  • Work Won’t Stop Because of a Drop (or Drop of Water)

    You can scratch it, shake it, even shock it. The M60 will keep working as if nothing happened (IP68 rating and 1.5M drop certification). This compact mobile computer is built from the inside out to take a spill, survive a dust storm, stay cool under the hot sun, and stay warm enough to work in freezing temperatures.

    When You're This Connected, It's Easy to Collaborate

    The highly-connected M60 handheld is equipped with a full range of WAN and PAN technologies, including 802.11ac, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE data and voice communications platforms. As a result, workers will have a way to connect with supervisors, colleagues and customers in virtually every situation, even highly remote ones.

    Scan More, and Scan Faster, with NFC and Barcode Reader

    Simply point and click to scan barcodes affixed to your inventory or put the device in proximity of NFC-tagged equipment, then watch as this handy handheld automatically populates the applicable data fields of your application. No special software or app is required to take advantage of these advanced asset tracking technologies.