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The on-demand economy is creating an ever-increasing volume of orders that need to be delivered at ever-increasing speeds — including same day. To address this challenge, workers at every point in the supply chain need to be able to easily access and collect information. You need a device that is designed for many different environments for different types of jobs — from transportation and logistics to retail. Introducing the device that can address it all — the TC15 mobile computer. You get the features workers need to complete tasks faster, with flawless accuracy. A rugged design that performs reliably inside facilities as well as out in the field. The power to seamlessly support many workflow applications. An extra-large 6.5 inch screen to see more information — with less scrolling. Full shift battery power. Consistently reliable scanning. Unmatched ergonomics. All in a proven device with proven technology — and a new level of affordability.

TC15 Mobile Computer

    • The rugged device designed for durability — and comfort The TC15 is built for business from the inside out. It’s waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof — surviving drops to concrete, one of the most challenging surfaces. Use it in the blazing heat or freezing cold, out in the rain or snow. Two of the most vulnerable features — the display and scanner window — are reinforced with a scratch-resistant glass with a beautiful surface. Are your environments more demanding? Just add the optional rugged boot for even more durability. While your business will benefit from the cost-saving rugged design, your workers will benefit from its extremely ergonomic design. In a device with a large 6.5 in. screen, balance is crucial — Zebra’s award-winning Industrial Design team optimized the weight distribution so your users will find holding the TC15 virtually effortless. 
    • Costs much less to own than a cell phone Consumer cell phones require more frequent maintenance and device replacements due to lack of durability — and it shows in the total cost of ownership. While consumer cell phones can cost as little as half of their rugged counterparts, over five years, the average consumer cell phone will cost nearly 2.5x more in operating costs, 2.5x more in lost productivity and nearly 2x the IT support costs.
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