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The Zebra iMZ mobile printers are a perfect blend of features, price and design. A medium duty-cycle printer for simple receipt, invoice and label* printing.


The lightweight and compact size make it easy to wear for extended periods of time, while the sleek design is perfect for customer-facing environments.


Compatible with Apple IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems to use with the latest smartphone and tablet devices.


The iMZ printers offer the latest technology in a portable size with affordable pricing. It's this combination that make them a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications and customers.

Zebra® iMZ220™ and iMZ320™ Printers

  • Each small iMZ printer can be a smart assistant for any mobile receipt-printingapplication where quick, simple receipts are needed on demand. Theseunobtrusive printers can be worn comfortably for a full shift without interferingwith the user’s tasks. Easy to operate, they are a great frst step for users lookingto replace pen-and-paper documentation, preprinted receipts, or unreliablemobile printers. Mobile workforces all over the world can beneft from the iMZseries’ compact convenience in business applications — and because it’s a Zebra,there’s no compromise on reliability.

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