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Whether you are involved in automotive, aerospace, farm and fleet or other industrial manufacturing, you rely on track and trace applications to provide better control over product quality, protect consumer safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Zebra’s corded DS3608-DPA and cordless DS3678-DPA are designed to help industrial manufacturers meet these track and trace requirements, without jeopardizing “on time every time” delivery goals. With a single scanner, workers can capture virtually any direct part mark, as well as 1D/2D and wide 1D barcodes for superior versatility. The ultra-rugged design is practically indestructible — ideal for punishing environments. The scanners offer unparalleled ease of management, and with Zebra’s EA3600 Network Connect for Automation, the DS3608-DPA and DS3678-DPA connect to your Industrial Ethernet network without third party conversion equipment. The DS3608-DPA/DS3678-DPA — the unstoppable performance you need to maximize workforce productivity, ensure traceability, reduce production cycle times and prevent unplanned production line downtime.

Zebra DS3608-DPA / DS3678-DPA Ultra Rugged Scanner

  • The Zebra 3600 Ultra-Rugged  Scanner Series This family of scanners offers a model to meet virtually every need in warehousing and manufacturing:
    • LI3608-SR/LI3678-SR:  Standard range 1D barcode capture

    • LI3608-ER/LI3678-ER:  All-range 1D barcode capture

    • DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR:  Standard range scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes

    • DS3608-HP/DS3678-HP: High performance scanner captures 1D/2D barcodes over longer distances, plus OCR, photos and documents

    • DS3608-HD/DS3678-HD:  Captures high-density 1D/2D barcodes

    • DS3608-ER/DS3678-ER:  All-range 1D/2D barcode capture

    • DS3608-DP/DS3678-DP:  Optimized to read high-density barcodes  and Direct Part Marks (DPM)

    • DS3608-DPA/DS3678-DPA:  Optimized to read 1D/2D, wide 1D paper barcodes and Direct Part Marks (DPM)

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