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The WT6400 is the latest breakthrough in Zebra’s wearable computer portfolio, packed with innovations that enable unmatched productivity increases in hands-free computing workflows. The WT6400 brings a new level of comfort, flexibility and ease of use to workers picking orders, sorting goods and managing inventory in the warehouse, distribution centre and manufacturing plant. The display is over twice the size of the prior generation, the WT6300, providing more space to present and interact with the information workers need to complete their tasks. A model with an integrated keypad positioned under the display provides both right and left handed accessibility, bringing a new level of flexibility to workflows that require manual data entry. The WT6400 can be used anywhere in your facility – including the freezer. The next generation future-proof platform delivers next generation processing power and support for future versions of Android. The rugged design is built to last for years. Wrist straps enable a customised fit on any arm for maximum comfort. And only-from-Zebra Mobility DNA tools simplify every aspect of device lifecycle for IT and your users. The WT6400 — the ideal wearable computer to take productivity and workflow efficiency to the next level in your operations.

WT6400 Wearable Computer

  • Double the Display Area. When it comes to wearable computing, display size is crucial – to maximise efficiency, workers need to view and seamlessly interact with all the information required to complete a task in a single screen. That’s why we more than doubled the size of the display compared to the prior generation WT6300, with only a marginal increase in the overall size of the device. In addition to the sweet spot in screen size, the Corning® Victus® 2 display is the toughest Gorilla® Glass yet, offering maximum impact and scratch-resistance. The touchscreen works in practically any condition — when wet, with heavy gloves and even in the freezer. And the specially designed bezel around the display provides additional protection against the inevitable everyday bumps that a wearable computer will endure — giving you peace of mind in a fast-paced demanding work environment.

    An Optimised Integrated Keypad. When your workflows require intensive manual data input, there is a model with an integrated keypad to meet your needs. The strategic placement of the keypad below the display reduces the width by nearly one-third compared to the prior generation, creating a well-balanced and more compact device footprint that increases user comfort and reduces arm fatigue. And because of its unique placement, the keypad is always in front of the user, providing complete data entry flexibility — users can wear the WT6400 on either arm, and with equal access for left and right handed workers. And the keys are optimally sized and purposefully spaced to enable workers to quickly and easily press only the key they want — even with heavy gloves.

    Thrives in Tough Environments — Including the Freezer. The WT6400 increases productivity and operational efficiency for all hands-free workflows anywhere in your facility — including the freezer. All internal system components are freezer rated — application performance and processing speeds aren’t impacted by the cold. Special freezer chemistry in the extended battery enables the device to operate at temperatures as low as -22°F/-30°C — ensuring full shift power, even if workers spend the bulk of their shift in the freezer. And while freezer temperatures typically make plastics extra brittle and susceptible to shattering when dropped or bumped, the WT6400 housing plastics are specially designed to provide the same level of shatter protection inside and outside the freezer. And the special touchscreen on the WT6400 allows workers to interact with touch applications in the freezer, even with heavy gloves.

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