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Introducing the latest addition to the top-selling TC5 Series, the TC53e, TC53e-RFID and TC58e. These devices take their place alongside the TC53 and TC58, building on their feature set to meet the ever-evolving mobility needs of today’s front line workers. Qualcomm’s latest processor and Secure Element support improve power and security. Support for Wi-Fi 6E and second generation 5G provide the fastest wireless speeds, improving connection reliability and application performance. Short-range UHF RFID opens up a world of new use cases. Constructed with 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastics, this device is the most sustainable TC5 Series device yet. The TC53e/TC53e-RFID/TC58e — everything your workers need to do business better.

TC53e TC53e-RFID TC58e Mobile Computer

  • Zebra’s Most Sustainable Handheld TC5 Series Device - The TC53e, TC53e-RFID and TC58e mobile computers are not only good for business — they are good for the environment. These devices are designed and constructed with 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastics — and without many major environmental toxins, such as mercury and PFO/PFOAs. Power consumption is reduced and battery technology is green — batteries are removable and recyclable. Battery statistics provide insight into when batteries are no longer healthy enough to hold a full charge, allowing you to use batteries longer, without risking mobile device downtime. Packaging is 98 percent biodegradable and utilizes recycled materials. And these devices can double as a workstation, PBX handset and two-way radio, reducing the number of devices you need — along with your consumption of plastics and electronics.

    Split Second Access to Shared Devices with Identity Guardian - Workers can scan a barcode on their badge and simply look into the device to unlock and provision the device with all the right applications and permissions. No more worrying about shared PINs, where workers store login credentials — or compromised credentials that could provide unauthorized users with access to your network and data.

    Unmatched Battery Technology - Get full shift power with all four battery options — the standard, BLE and wireless charge 4680 mAh batteries and the extended 7000 mAh battery. And these PowerPrecision+ batteries provide the intelligence to identify batteries that can no longer hold a full charge and more, making battery management simple.

    The power of Integrated UHF RFID (TC53e-RFID only) - Integrated RFID opens up a world of possibilities with the right short read range — 3.9 ft./1.2 m. Store associates can easily locate an item, check in seconds to make sure all items in a basket were purchased, read all items in a basket simultaneously at the POS, instantly reconcile incoming shipments and reprogram existing tags on returns and ensure each order is complete. Validate tickets instantly at concerts and sports events. And baggage handlers at the airport can quickly identify bags on a baggage cart.

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