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If you are considering using RFID tags to help improve asset tracking and management in your business here is a simple affordable starter kit to help you along the learning curve. The package includes a Zebra FX7500 RFID reader and power supply, two RFID antennas and connecting cables, RFID read / write software, RFID reader performance test software and a pack of 10 assorted tags.


Two different antennas are supplied in the kit to enable you to see how they perform differently. Further UHF compatible antennas can be added as required. The accompanying Codegate software will allow you to study how the reader, antenna and tags interact. A keyboard injector application is also included to configure the reader to operate in a similar way to a bar code scanner by passing tag data to the keyboard buffer so that it will transfer directly to the active application.

The RFID Advanced Starter Kit is ideal if you want to experiment with a reading system that can be deployed into a real application. Choose the standard starter kit if you want to make a basic evaluation or to manually read and write to specific individual tags.

RFID Advanced Starter Kit

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