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Nordic ID HH83, the futureproof handheld reader, designed for quick, accurate and reliable data collection whether it is for barcode or UHF RFID reading. When the decision has to be made, choose the new generation of reader that is timeless and futureproof. There are many things to consider and so many choices. If only you had a crystal ball to see what the future will bring.




It’s a good thing you select the Nordic ID HH83. The ergonomic design is easy to hold so the staff does not complain. You know that the modular design will work with your barcode and RFID locations, just upgrade instead of replacing the device. The finance guys will appreciate that!

IT wants software that complies with the company rules and the Android 9 fits perfectly.

Anybody else have needs? Well the warehouse needs durability. The IP65 rating and drop tested design will take care of that.


Nordic ID HH83 the futureproof handheld – who needs a crystal ball?

Nordic ID HH83 RFID Reader

  • Highlights


    • Market leading state-of-the-art UHF RFID performance
    • Future proof your data collection with this powerful industrial level RAIN RFID performance
    • Protect your investment thanks to our easily upgradeable modular design: transform barcode to RFID whenever you are ready
    • Ergonomic design focused on comfortable use
    • Operates a full working day on a single charge
    • Android operating system for easy application development
    • Fully integrated to Nordic ID solutions
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