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Combine outstanding RFID performance with your Smart Device for a seamless UHF RFID experience. With Nordic ID EXA51e retail and logistics markets receive a powerful UHF RFID reader that is compatible with all common operating systems.

What makes Nordic ID EXA51e so powerful is the new Nordic ID NUR2-1W module. Nordic ID EXA51e is easily connected to any Smart Device via Bluetooth low energy and it offers multiple secure
fastening options.

The powerful reading performance and long battery life make Nordic ID EXA51e ideal for heavy-duty inventory tasks e.g. in retail and POS.

Nordic ID EXA51e RFID Sled

  • Highlights

    • Cutting edge UHF RFID reading sensitivityand reading speed
    • Effortlessly connect any existing smart deviceto the RFID reader via Bluetooth Low Energy.
    • Ergonomic design due to lightweight andbalanced weight distribution Effortless and secure locking mechanismfor smart devices.
    • Operates a full working day on a single charge.
    • Nordic ID Smart Pair for effortless connectivity.
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