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AdvanReader-160 is a high power (31.5 dBm), four port, high performance UHF reader with an on-board microcomputer and a fully open Linux operating system.


Thanks to its on-board microcomputer, AdvanReader-160 can work stand-alone, without needing to be connected to an external computer, thereby reducing equipment costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs.


This reader is prepared to work with batteries and control the battery level. It has a sleep mode for minimizing consumption. It is therefore ideal for mobile systems.

Keonn AdvanReader-160 4 port RFID UHF reader

  • AdvanReader-160 features:

    A single AdvanReader-160 unit can control up to 1024 antennas when connected to Keonn multiplexers.

    This reader is also very flexible in terms of inputs and outputs:

    • 2 x digital/analog inputs
    • 2 x additional digital inputs
    • 8 x digital outputs
    • 4 x Direct LED connections (100 mA)
    • 4 x GPO (lines 8 mA)
    • 1 x relay enabled output
    • Loudspeaker: 8 ohm/2 W
    • 2 x RJ45 to directly
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