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Create cost-effective paper labels for packages, envelopes fle folders, CDs/DVDs, banners, postage and more:
• Ultra-fast printing up to 93 labels per minute.

• Uses continuous paper and tape rolls for banners and signs up to 3 ft. long.
• The Label Collection feature provides eye-catching, pre-designed labels and banners with commonly-used text.

• Auto cutter provides precise cuts for printing 1 or multiple custom-sized labels at a time.
• High-resolution printing (up to 300 x 600 dpi), for crisp text and graphics.
• Plug & Label feature lets you type and print labels without installing software.

• Export text directly from common applications such as Microsoft®Word®, Excel®, and Outlook® to create labels without retyping.
• Connects via USB to your PC or Mac.


Brother QL700 Direct Thermal Printer

  • Printing up to 93 labels per minute and compatible with Labeltrace.



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