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Zebra TC26 and MC3390R approved for G1 Unmanned Store Mobile Companion App

Codegate has introduced a new companion app for the G1 Unmanned Store. It helps store managers with with stock picking and replenishment, and helps end users with wider tracking of assets hired from the a store.

The Mobile Companion app makes it easy to prepare consignments of items to be shipped to and transacted from a G1 Unmanned Store. For consumables, a picking list is automatically generated on the app, based on current inventory levels in the store. An ad-hoc picking option is also available, for anticipated fluctuations in requirements based on construction phases for example. The app can be side-loaded onto any Android device, although handhelds with an integral barcode reader and a cell phone connection are recommended for stock-picking, for example the Zebra TC26. This is combination is perfect for the Store Manager looking after stock replenishment.

Handhelds with integral RFID reader, GPS sensor and cell phone connection, for example the Zebra MC3390R, are recommended for hired item locating and searching. This combination is suitable for store end users to minimise time wasted searching for missing rental items, either by pinpointing on a map or, if the asset is indoors, by using the Geiger counter style searcher around the last seen location.

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Membro sconosciuto
08 ago 2021
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