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Fully Autonomous Store

The G1 Unmanned Store now has a Fully Autonomous power option. The combination of wind and solar energy harvesting components with super-rugged gel batteries means there is no need for any external power source. So a fully autonomous G1 Unmanned Store can be placed anywhere where there is delivery access and the ground is level. It is capable of operating for over two weeks even if there is no wind or sun, making it tolerant of the harshest winters. In the opposite situation, smart circuits protect all store components where there is excess energy harvested from the wind or sun.

To help every organisation's drive to improve sustainability the G1 Unmanned Store even dynamically calculates the carbon equivalent and commercial savings generated as the store is used. It will also predict the total savings over the contract life of the store.

If you want to see the store for yourself please get in touch. We have a demo store at our premises in Steventon, Oxfordshire, UK and will happily arrange a visit for you.


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