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Speedy deliveries just got speedier

Hire specialist Speedy Services has rolled out a new mobile delivery solution developed by Codegate replacing a labour intensive, admin heavy, part-paper based system. Since it was paper based any shortages or last minute changes to a delivery order had to be dealt with by paper trail in the back office, which could make it difficult for larger customers to keep a corresponding tally on equipment hired and costs.

The new solution is entirely software based, running on Zebra TC55 rugged smart phones provided for each delivery driver. The software integrates directly and in 'real time' with Speedy's Microsoft Dynamics AX business system, eliminating the need for paperwork and therefore drastically reducing the level of administration required to process orders and deliveries into invoices.

The new software pushes delivery jobs from AX through to a planning portal from where they can be built into route plans for each driver. All orders are itemised down to line level, allowing last minute changes and shortages to be dealt with immediately and sent automatically to the back office software before the invoices are raised. Both Speedy and clients therefore benefit from invoicing which is more accurate and easier to tally. Customers also benefit from an automatic electronic notification when orders have been loaded 'out for delivery' and when theirs is the next destination on the route.

The same TC55 mobile device is loaded with additional integrated software from Codegate to allow the drivers to check their vehicles at the start of the day and report any non-critical defects immediately, without paperwork, prior to starting their deliveries. Corrective work can then be scheduled in. The checking solution also applies to any additional assets linked to the vehicle such as trailers. Additional mobile software is provided for handling traffic accidents, health & safety incidents and DVSA checks in real time, without any paperwork. At any such incident the software automatically captures the date, time and location allowing the driver to concentrate on recording relevant information such as third party driver details, photographs (which can be annotated) and sketches. Since no paperwork is involved any subsequent actions such as claims can be processed quicker and more efficiently, directly leading to savings in insurance costs and reduced administrative burden.

As a result of going paperless both Speedy and its customers are benefitting from the time savings derived from a more efficient order administration system, with reduced queries and disputes on both sides.


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