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River Island - Wearable Stock Picking

River Island, the successful fashion retailer, has over 200 outlets in the UK and a growing number of franchisees operating overseas.

Codegate's picking software delivers the picking instructions from the mainframe to the mobile terminals, displaying the pick requirements in a "pick walk" sequence. The solution utilises wearable laser scanning terminals linked to a back-end enterprise system. The mobile hardware consist of a compact terminal worn on the forearm and a ring scanner which fits on the index finger with a thumb operated micro-switch. Over 100 units were rolled out to handle hanging garment and flat goods picking, as well as despatch and loading confirmation. Now 18 years old, the relationship with River Island continues to flourish, with Codegate providing hardware and maintenance on fixed and cordless bar code scanners, Zebra wearable scanners and computers and label printers.


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