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Outsourced Events chooses Regdesk

Codegate's 'Regdesk' solution, part of the 'Expo' suite is used by Outsourced Events to provide rapid on-site delegate badge printing and tracking. Small and scalable, the system can be transported and set up quickly for events from tens to thousands of visitors.

Sophie Grant, Registration Manager said "Printing on demand is really easy, it's so quick!".

Regdesk is very simple to setup and is compatible with any on-line registration to allow badges to be printed in seconds, reducing time and wastage and allowing for any last minute amendments.

"We recognise that registration is the first touchpoint with any clients, we're delighted with the way it's gone." said Denise Sharpe, Director, Outsourcced events.

Regdesk can work completely off-line so can be set up very quickly with badges being printed within minutes of arrival.

Regdesk printed over 700 badges on-site for 'Splunk Live'.


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