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Mobile Job Allocation & Tracking - CSG

Waste management specialist CSG required a better method of tracking vehicles and organising jobs, as their paper-based system was becoming burdensome. Codegate was appointed to help automate the process, focusing on the distribution and collection of electronic jobs / tickets to CSG’s fleet of 60 sewage tankers.

Codegate focused on two key aspects - providing a ticket allocation system and providing a proof of collection. A planning portal was developed to interface to CSG’s existing accounting system to acquire the initial job details.

Jobs could then be pushed out via a mobile gateway to the field-based PDAs, enabling the driver to capture job details, vehicle data and working hours electronically. The completed information was transmitted via a mobile data network to the central reporting portal. Extensive use of mapping makes it easy for CSG to monitor, in real time, where its vehicles are and what the current status of each job is.

Since the solution rolled out, CSG has benefitted from rich electronic data content that integrates with their existing accounting systems. CSG’s clients are kept up to date, receiving confirming emails at different stages of the collection service. All PDAs were deployed with remote device management software, so that Codegate’s support services can efficiently monitor performance and fix issues without it being necessary to have units returned. Codegate’s support portal also allows issues to be logged by CSG 24hr/7. This is further backed up by a technical help line.


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