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Lime piloted in 3 major UK Companies

Although quite a recent brand to the Codegate family, Lime was developed to fulfil a need that was the same in many industries that we operate in with our Bespoke solutions.

Large sophisticated companies had invested large amounts of money developing their product and their end solutions but were still quite inefficient when it came to knowing where their assets were within their own facilities.  This led to poor utilisation of assets as their location or status was unknown and additional assets were purchased.  Many companies have invested in multi-million pound asset management systems which were mainly deemed by workers as useless because the information held within them was incorrect.  Data errors were mainly due to poor or a lack of data entry meaning that data was not trusted so people entered even less data.

We were getting clear requirements from many organisations that they just wanted their systems to tell them

  • Where is the asset?

  • What condition / status is it in?

  • When was it last moved or used?

This information alone could save companies millions of pounds.

Codegate developed Lime as a piece of 'Middleware' to automatically capture real world information and pass this into the digital systems removing the poor data entry and keeping systems up to date.  With the ability to use existing IoT Technologies like RFID & BLE it has been designed to plug new technologies in as they emerge meaning that the application will not become obsolete.

Successful pilots have been carried out in industries including: Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Motorsport.

If you would like to find out more about Lime and how it can improve your asset management, please get in touch.


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