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G1 Unmanned Store - Smart Returns Area

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The smart returns area is the newest addition to the G1 unmanned store that is dedicated to dealing with damaged items and items that require inspection. It is our solution for an automated system for detecting and registering these items and can be installed at any position along the length of the container. The smart returns area functions as its own separate area of the store with its own dedicated readers. It will pick up the RFID tags of the items placed into the returns area whilst being able to avoid the interference of all of the RFID tags within the main area of the store.

Within the G1 store web page users can add a detail to items of their choosing to set a date for when that item requires inspection. When the item inspection date is approaching the system will send an alert to the store manager notifying them of the inspection date. Once the inspection date is approaching the item needs to be moved into the smart returns area. When an item is reported as being seen within the smart returns area an alert is sent to the store manager that the item is ready for its inspection and a replacement item is required. The store manager will have been able to see that the inspection date is approaching through our web portal and will have been able to schedule the replacement and the inspection to determine whether the item is still fit for use, requires mending/fixing, or if it needs to be replaced completely. Once the necessary steps have been taken the item can either be removed or placed back into the main section of the store with an updated inspection date.

This process also works for items that have been damaged whilst out on hire. The user can place their damaged item into the smart returns area, alerting the store manager of its presence there and that they need to take the necessary steps towards fixing it or having it replaced.

There is also a lower cost version of the smart returns area where manual barcode scanning is utilised instead of dedicated readers to the returns area. With this option a dedicated barcode reader for scanning damaged items and those requiring inspection would be installed opposed to the requirement for installing another reader into the store. If you have any further questions regarding the smart returns area or anything else related to the G1 unmanned store please feel free to contact us for more information.


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