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Electronic Proof of Hire & Timesheets

A leading UK specialist crane hire company operates over 500 mobile cranes from 28 depots across the country. With a continuous expansion program their paper-based systems for recording proof of hire and operator time sheets had become inefficient and time consuming. Against stiff competition Codegate was awarded the contract to digitise the whole process, enabling jobs to be deployed electronically to drivers, capturing signatures for work completed, and providing a streamlined electronic operator time sheet solution. All collected data was to integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing ERP system.

Codegate developed the solution to work on a Zebra rugged hand-held terminals (HHT), and after extensive user trials the solution was delivered on time and within budget. The solution meant the company could significantly reduce the cost of transaction processing, reduce the number of processing errors and invoice queries, and reduce the lead time from completion of a hire job to dispatch of customer invoice. It provided clear relevant electronic data, including recording proof of hire, timesheets, and job allocation.


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