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BAM/Crossrail Waste Transfer System

Including ANPR, Barrier Control , Weigh Bridge & Camera Integration.

The Bam Nuttall Van Oord Joint Venture (BNVO JV) team used Codegate’s electronic waste transfer note system to manage the transportation of materials from 27 Crossrail excavation sites across London to the site at Docklands Transfer Station (DTS).On receipt and after testing the materials were moved by boat to Wallasea Island.

Codegate’s tracking system comprised two parts; a web portal and a handheld app with mobile printer.

Every vehicle had to pass through 4 tracked stages – booking, dispatch, arrival and completion, when the vehicle has delivered the load at DTS and has been issued with a Transfer Receipt by the operators at the DTS weighbridge facility on exiting the site).

Each waste producing contractor was equipped with a GPRS enabled handheld, which automatically downloaded bookings for the site each day, allowed the dispatcher to enter load information, take photos and print a waste transfer and dispatch note, used to verify the load and vehicle details on arrival at the DTS. 

At the DTS Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) confirmed the correct vehicle and opened the access barrier.

Actual journey time was automatically compared to predicted journey time and the original front of vehicle photo reviewed. The Waste Transfer Note was passed to a central store and made available, subject to permissions, to the generating contractor, Crossrail and BNVO management via the web portal.


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