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Codegate support Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity for the 10th year in a row.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Spikes Asia is where Asia Pacific’s creative community comes together for a spectacular three-day celebration of creativity in communications. The event has been inspiring creativity for 10 years now and Codegate are proud to have supported every single event.

A specially adapted version of RegDesk is used for registering delegates and printing badges, this includes photo capture.

A total of 4,056 entries were submitted into this year's awards. The entries from 26 countries span 21 award categories. Codegate software was used to capture 15,000 votes during the event on tablets as well as a further 17,000 votes captured during Pre-judging prior to the festival.

For the first time, the awards, including our voting software, were subject to independent assurance by PwC, further reinforcing the high standards and rigorous processes that each submitted piece of work had to pass through before being recognised as a Spikes Award.

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