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Codegate are Game Changers at Flip-Out with new TAG Active RFID.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Codegate have teamed up with TAG Active to deliver a new kind of active entertainment at the Flip Out Trampoline centre in Basingstoke.

Flip Out are well known for their fun packed trampoline centres but this new arena offers the UK's first Ninja Tag interactive assault course, Cyber-tower and Warrior wall interactive climbing experience.

Codegate worked with partners TAG active to design and build new game technology using NFC RFID wristbands to allow players to race against each other and the clock, scoring as they complete active challenges.

The player wears their Ninja Bands (RFID Wristbands) and touch them against full colour LED NFC readers designed by Codegate. Over 150 readers are positioned around the arena and light up in different colours, each colour relates to a different number of points that can be scored, when a band is successfully touched against a reader, the LED display changes to a green tick and the points are added to the players score for the game. If the player touches the reader for a second time during a session the LED display changes to a red cross and no points are added.

Codegate software captures all of the points and calculates the player scores presenting them on large scoreboards around the arena.

At the new Basingstoke Arena, there are 3 activities using this technology:

Cyber Tower - Players are up against the clock and each other, they swipe their band at the start to begin and then they have to climb a tower filled with obstacles, touch the reader at the top and then descend as quickly as possible to swipe the reader at the bottom. The digital leader boards show the players time, the fastest time of the day and the fastest ever time.

Ninja Tag - Players are given 10 minutes on a 'soft play' assault course to find and swipe as many readers as possible, these are cleverly positioned in easy and harder to reach places as well as some of them being very well hidden.

Warrior Wall - Players have to get from one end of a long climbing wall to the other swiping as many readers as they can on the way, there is only a limited time between readers so players have to work quickly.

Stuart Smith from TAG active said "These are just a few of the activities that TAG active have in mind for future installations using RFID."

If you would like to find out more about TAG active, visit More information about Flip Out can be found at

If you would like to know how Codegate can help you with your RFID project, please contact us today!

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