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Keeping your event safe and secure

With the Summer events season in full swing, planning is already underway for next years events. Organisers are always looking for ways to make their event bigger and better than the previous one and to give it the edge over other events. Importantly, with concerns over the safety and security of event staff and attendees, organisers are looking for ways to know where people are, when they have left an event and when areas of the event are reaching capacity.

Traditional methods involve every attendee or member of staff having their pass manually scanned or a manual counter being pressed every time people enter or leave an area, this can lead to long queues at peak times and information not being available to organisers until it is too late to do anything about it. Attendees always remember the queues and the chaos and this can tarnish what is otherwise a successful event.

Expo by Codegate

With our years of developing track and trace solutions for different industries and our experience of working within the event industry, we have developed our 'Expo' product. Expo uses the very latest track and trace RFID technology to discreetly monitor attendees movements around events, providing LIVE reporting to organisers letting them know exactly who has entered or left areas of the event providing mobile alerts when areas are close to capacity so that organisers can restrict further entry.

No more Queues

Discreet RFID readers can automatically scan hundreds of passes at the same time as attendees enter your event or individual areas so there are no more queues to manage whilst people are waiting to be scanned.

Which Seminars worked?

Reporting can tell you exactly who attended which seminar, this helps organisers with following up sessions to send copies of slides or attendance certificates.

Organisers can see which seminar subjects, speakers or acts were popular and which were not, this allows better planning to tailor your next event to your audience.

Evacuating an Event

If in the unlikely event, the unthinkable happens and you have to evacuate, 'Expo' can provide live reporting to tell organisers who was still at the event prior to the evacuation, who has managed to leave successfully and who is still unaccounted for and which area of the event they were last seen.

Unobtrusive Passes

RFID passes can be issued in the same way as any regular passes with the option to pre-print or print at the event registration areas by manned or unmanned kiosks. For outdoor events, a number of weather resistant wrist bands can be produced.


Seating large numbers of people in a short time can be a challenge for any event, especially if table plans are being altered at the last minute. This can lead to safety concerns as large groups of people are unsure of where to go. 'Expo' can be used with remote screens or kiosks that, as they are approached by the attendee, show the attendees name and their seat or table number. This helps to keep a steady flow of guests entering the venue with guests being seated quickly and easily, a mobile app allows organisers to assist guests who may have forgotten their pass.

Visitor Registration

'Expo' has the functionality to manage visitor and exhibitor registration on-line and live at the event, this includes dining and hotel requirements. However, if you prefer, there is a connector to allow Expo to pass and receive information to other Event management solutions.

Floor Plan Manager

'Expo' has the ability to manage your floor plan so that you can show a live plan for exhibitors to book stand space. They can see which stands are still available to book and who is on other stands. This functionality can link with your event website so that visitors can see an event plan and what they may expect to see at each stand.


Watch this short video to see 'Codegate Expo' in action

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