A real time saver for general practices - no more handwriting!

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With an installed base of over 30,000 users LabelTrace is a proven and affordable way to slash the time doctors, nurses and administration staff spend writing out patients' details on forms and labels. As our case studies show the time taken to complete the request form and label the specimens can be reduced by 80% and appointment time slots can be shortened by 45%.

LabelTrace not only saves time, it improves data quality, with patients clearly identified in accordance with NPSA guidelines and local lab requirements.

With a busy phlebotomist able to save 6 hours per week LabelTrace can pay for itself in under 6 months, then continue to deliver savings for years to come.

LabelTrace can be used for other labelling requirements throughout the practice. This includes printing patient medical record labels, "recall labels" to make a future appointment, "advice labels" and Lesion labels to name but a few. See the Other General Uses tab for more details.The software is installed in minutes and is simple to use. Training takes just a few minutes.

Compatible with all major GP clinical systems

LabelTrace is fully accredited and compatible for use with all principle GP clinical systems including EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne, INPS Vision and Microtest.

Sample label format

The labels

The labels have a vertical central perforation so they can be split to attach to tubes, or stay whole to stick to a request form. The dimensions have been carefully designed so that they are big enough for clear identification, whilst remaining small to allow visible inspection of the sample and enough room for the lab to attach its own process label.

With millions of labels passing through labs every year you can be confident they are fully compatible with lab processes and will not come off.

The labels have a thermally sensitive coating, which means the printer requires no ink or ribbon.

LabelTrace is supplied with some initial label layouts including a design agreed with the lab to which you send your requests. LabelTrace can also be used for ECG requests, private referral forms, swab samples, patient self-assessment forms, patient mailing labels, practice mailing labels and lesion records.

LabelTrace example designs (892 KB)

Zebra ZD410 printer

Label printers

LabelTrace software supports a number of different Label Printers including the Brother QL-570 and new Zebra ZD410 (replaces 2824+), the two printer options Codegate now supply and support as part of the LabelTrace bundled package.

Zebra printer (977 KB)

Brother QL570 printer (507 KB)

Zebra/Brother printer comparison (175 KB)


LabelTrace is quite straight forward to install, however there are differences in the way it integrates with each clinical system. Therefore we strongly recommend you use our cost effective installation service. Typically it takes two or three hours depending upon the number of printers required.

LabelTrace training is minimal and can be done in just a few minutes.

Rapid two click printing

A quick tour of the software

LabelTrace keeps its own database of local information - practice name and address, user names and other information - which is entered on installation using the Management Utility. Different preferences are then set for each consulting room - including the name of the user and premises.

At the top of the screen is a summary of the current demographic information extracted from the clinical system - as a quick visual check to make sure the details are correct.

To the left of the screen are a list of different label designs available for printing. The labels are arranged into categories for convenience. You can create as many tabs as you like, and up to six different label designs ('templates') under each tab. Each label template may not be a single label, it could be a set of labels, three form labels and one tube label for multi-part request forms for example.

After LabelTrace is installed users will experience almost no difference to the way they use their clinical system. Simply follow the usual procedure to select the correct patient, click on LabelTrace and choose how many labels to print. The whole process only takes a few seconds.

Demonstrations of LabelTrace working with each clinical system:

INPS Vision    
Microtest Practice Manager 2    
Protechnic Exeter eVolve ESP  
TPP SystmOne    


"We had reviewed alternative labelling systems in the past but none seemed to link effectively with our clinical IT system. LabelTrace links seamlessly with EMIS eliminating any need for surgery staff to key in the details to go onto the label." - Rachel Stark, Practice Manager, East Quay Medical Centre.

"It is fast, fits in well with working practices and ensures the accuracy of the lab request form." - Helen Winton, Practice Manager, Levern Medical Group

"Rather than spending time filling out patients details on forms and bottles, the labels are printed instantaneously." - Janet Wilson, Practice Nurse, Charleston Practice.

"We have been thrilled with the ease of use of the hardware and software." - Richard Hier, IT Manager St Andrews Surgery, Tonypandy.

"LabelTrace is fantastic - the doctors find it easy to use and just couldn't do without it now." - Christina Breen, Practice Manager, DR PER Carson and Partners Health Centre, Portadown

"We have almost universal uptake of LabelTrace amongst GPs in Somerset, including practices of all sizes and configurations. LablelTrace is cheap, very reliable, works with all major Clinical Systems in use in the county, and is fast in operation. The time saving is dramatic and labelling errors on forms and request can be almost eliminated. It's a pleasant change to have an IT product in the surgery for which there are no negatives at all." - Dr Harry Yoxall, Medical Secretary, Somerset Local Medical Committee.

"We realised in just half a day that LabelTrace was going to make a massive difference to the surgery." - Louise Alderwick, Data Manager, Taunton Road Surgery.

"We've had the system for 15 months now and we have been amazed by the time saving it provides." - Dr. Tim Taylor, GP Principal, Taunton Road Surgery.

"This system has proved an enormous hit with our doctors and nurses who previously spent precious time tediously filling in forms. The labels are considerably quicker and more importantly from a Risk Assessment point of view are considerably more accurate." - Dr Cowan, Dr Mills & Partners, Bradford.

"We have noticed a considerable decrease in the number of mismatched transactions on our Path Link since piloting this system. The fact that both the patient and the referring GP's details are produced electronically has reduced errors to nil. LabelTrace is a bit like having a dishwasher; you never thought you'd need one until you got one, and now you couldn't possibly do without it!." - Wendy Tyler, Practice Manager Dr. Mills & Partners, Bradford.

"Since we had the label system installed we wondered how we managed without it before . . . Every doctor should have a label printer, it makes life that little bit easier." - Dr. Micallef, Senior Partner Dr. Micallef & Partners, Bradford.w minutes.