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Could this be the end of self service badge printing at big events?

Self-service registration and badge printing is a common site at many live events across the world, working in many different ways using tablets, kiosks or laptop computers.

Codegate's 'Expo' and 'Regdesk' solutions have all provided various levels of self service badge printing over the years but has this kind of automated welcome to a large event had it's day? Organisers have requested this solution as they see it as a way to print large numbers of badges in a short amount of time with fewer staff than a fully manned registration desk.

This type of solution does deliver some benefits but it also comes with a number of challenges. Often badge printing is slow as guests have to read what to do, identify where the scanner is, work out where to hold their mobile phone or invitation with their bar code on. Once guests have scanned their invitation they sometimes have to look for the printer, especially when organisers are keeping costs down by having one printer between 5 or 10 screens. When the badge has been printed, the guest has to find a lanyard and wallet to put it in before finding their way into the event. There are often more staff drafted in at peak times to help guests through the process to stop queues forming.

With all of these things taken into consideration, organisers have missed that guests are no longer getting that personal welcome to the event and they may already be fed up before even stepping a foot inside the event itself.

Queue Busting from Codegate Expo

Our technical events team have supported many large events over the years, they saw self-service badge collection as a disappointing welcome to events and put their heads together to come up with a better solution that offered a faster more efficient badge collection process, with a warm, personal welcome and without increasing the number of staff required by organisers... and they came up with Queue Busting.

Queue busting splits badge collection into a two stage process by having one or two 'Greeters' at the entrance to the event to welcome guests armed with a special hand held computer that they use to scan invitations.

These handheld computers are linked wirelessly to one or more fast track badge collection points positioned on the way to the event entrance. The greeter advises guests which collection point to stop at, badges are immediately printed and a member of staff at that point has inserted the badge in to the lanyard wallet ready to hand to the guest, with a smile, just as they approach.

We have provided two fast, slick and personal experiences. Guests are happy, well informed and ready to enjoy your event. Hundreds of badges can be printed and distributed in minutes, including RFID badges, leaving a much reduced main registration desk for those who need to register manually.

See how slick the process is in the video below and how professional your next could be using Expo Queue Busting from Codegate.

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